We are currently looking to expand our portfolio. We have a strong preference to stay regional and acquire more properties in Southern California, but are willing to consider select opportunities in the western United States, if the properties are in primary markets and well located. Our acquisition criteria is as follows:


Multi-Tenant Office Buildings or Neighborhood/Community Shopping Centers


Core and Value-Add


We have a strong preference for Southern California, but are willing to look outside of California for the right opportunity. Areas of interest include: the Southwest states (particularly Arizona, and Colorado) and the Pacific Northwest.



We are open to core/core plus assets, but our target is value add real estate

We have a long history of success with value-add properties, and we look to add value by by physically enhancing properties and implantation of effective management/leasing strategies.

We have no financial barriers in acquiring properties.

We pride ourselves on our history of integrity and performance, and we have the ability to leverage our lending relationships. We value the brokers who present us with acquisition opportunities, and we will always protect those brokers. We require a brief summary of the subject property, including all pertinent details, prior to submittal of an offering memorandum. Offering memoranda may be submitted to any of the executives at M.C.Strauss Company.